About Us

MMM was conceived by the desire to express our faith in creative ways that are not bound to the status quo.  Not only does the Bible call us to be a peculiar people, but we’ve always been different and we’re certainly not the only ones!  This pushed us to build something for others like us. 

In the long run, we envision a wide variety of products that represent the diversity of the Kingdom of God. Even in the Word, there are many expressions of the same gift and likewise, each of us carries a unique style that we choose to display. Our products allow you to voice your faith, your joy, to encourage others, and be reminded of the Word day-to-day. 

Excuse our humble beginnings, but we see something bigger than what we’re starting with. We hope you stick around for the journey and grow along with us.  There’s opportunity every day to become greater than we are and we hope to embody that through MMM.